As a self-confessed fanatic, I’m never far from the flicker of a burning candle. They unashamedly adorn every surface in my home, and are even stuffed into my suitcase on holidays. But like most devoted candle enthusiasts, I have endured both the disappointment of scentless budget-friendly candles, and the extreme expense of high-end-brand candles. So, I am either left dissatisfied or overdrawn. 
Recognising that I couldn’t possibly be the only one facing this dilemma, I started to experiment with making my own candles. I won’t dress this up, this was by no means a one-YouTube-demonstration-later-and-I’ve-cracked-it scenario; this was months and months of trial, error, frothy wax and misshapen wicks. But now, I can finally say that Blush Box Candles offers a range of lovingly hand-poured, affordable candles, that will genuinely fill your home with fragrance and last for days on end. 
I hope you love them as much as I do! 
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